Juan Cuellar en Valencia
  Standard, an exhibition curated by Alex Villar, collects  a large number of works around the use of emblematic popular Mickey Mouse icon in the artistic practice of Juan Cuellar. Paintings, drawings, sculptures and collages where we can track usage icon in a standardized manner, since the model Mickey adds attributes such as universal citizen, democratic, industrialized, imperialist, recognizable by all. It is in 2002, in the course of the scholarship Fortuny in Venice, when it begins to use the figure of Mickey, initially as masked figures. Then synthesizes the icon, reducing it to a black silhouette, mainly the head as most recognizable element. In 2005 it produces a glazed ceramic sculpture ("Underworld") in series in the workshop of Xavier Montsalvatge and later in  Juan Carlos Iniesta workshop.  In this series of sculptures starts using Mickey heads as models for painting volume and then creates a series of sculptures of heads ("Broken heads").   Birds Broken head

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