Santiago Ydañez (Jaén, 1969) studied Fine Arts at the University of Granada and has conducted workshops among others with Juan Genovés. Among others obtained the ABC Painting Award in 2002 and Painting Prize Generation 2002 of Caja Madrid, the Fellowship of the College of Spain in Paris the Ministry of Culture in 2001 and Beca of Marcelino Botín Foundation in 1998. Along with four other artists originating in the Iberian peninsula as photographer Sergio Belinchón (Valencia, 1971), has self-managed an initiative to show their latest works in Berlin. The space is called Invaliden1 Galerie and located in the city center in the district of Mitte.

Santiago Ydáñez‘s work represents another extension of the poetics on the body that have been so influentual over the past years in the international scene. Nonetheless, in his case it is around painting - as it is in other different cases from Luc Tuysmans to Marlene Dumas - that different questions, that seem to interest critics and artists, are formulated about identity or human nature. The fact that a painted portrait is an instrument of choice - and we are purposedly calling it instrument rather than theme - has made it so that he be associated with, above all a tradition that includes Edward Munch and Francis Bacon, rather than the poetics that we are referring to now. Because of this he has been classified as Expressionist or Neoexpressionist, based solely on the appearance of his work. What is worse is that a careful analysis of appearance, in truth, leads to opposed conclusions.