In the words of Juan Manuel Bonet, Miguel Villarino painting (Morales del Rey, Zamora. 1959) "is made of contrasts. In it, the urban condition, lived from a certain unanimity, from the feeling of inhabiting the tentacular city, Borgiano maze or Piranesian, is a constant reference, which have been well received by the critics. An unmistakable schematic buildings born under his brush or under the graver, with their peaked roofs and factory chimneys and dozens of windows all dizzyingly equal, and also their geometrized interiors, reduced to essential outline, I have always seen a relation between constructive and metaphysical".

He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Spain and other countries. Highlights some in the region of Asturias: II Bienal city of Oviedo; Graphic Art Triennale Palace Revillagigedo, (3 edidiones), Gijon and Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias, Oviedo. He has participated in some of the significant exhibitions of international contemporary art circuit as ArcoMadrid, Shanghai ArtFair, Artelisboa, TIAF Toronto ArtFair, etc. His work is represented in public and private collections: MNCARS (Reina Sofia), Madrid; National Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving, Marbella; Arsfundum Collection, Madrid; Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias, Oviedo; etc.