Gonzalo Sicre: “Panorámica para Lucian Freud sin Blanco de Cremnitz “
  Gonzalo Sicre exhibited in the gallery "My name is Lolita" until the end of July. Artist statement bellow I was always interested Lucian Freud's work and character. I think his work transcends the reality of what gets shown and why it is so difficult to explain at least for me for being so amazing. Equally surprising is the art collection he had in his home in Kensington. Works by Francis Bacon, Frank Auerbach (both were friends of Lucian) Camille Corot, bronzes by Rodin, Degas ... Usually we see these works in museums, perfectly ordered and good lighting. Seeing them in a home environment with mountains of books on the floor at the foot of "Two Figures" Bacon, or" Balzac naked with his arms crossed" by Rodin on a table surrounded by dishes, dishcloth and just little lighting. I decided to paint a panorama of 140 x 800cm on some rooms of the house.   Baño del Hotel de Suez I. Óleo sobre lienzo. 90 x 55 cm. 2016 Baño del Hotel de Suez II. Óleo sobre lienzo. 116 x 97 cm. 2016                                                                   Dormitorio de Lucian en Kensigton III. Óleo sobre lienzo. 140 x 246 cm. 2016 Instituto Cervantes. Óleo sobre lienzo. 81 x 65 cm. 2016    

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