Exposición Juan Cuellar, “Hueco”
Web de la galeria del artista Fuente de informacion   The gallery My name's Lolita Art presents a solo exhibition of the Valencian artist Juan Cuellar, entitled "Hollow". Through a series of flat paintings, in the apparent, Juan Cuellar made acclimated scenes in the 50s, a-temporal, which will reveal the complexity and the deficit in the field of human relations. He presents images where the colour predisposes a look back. They serve to Juan Cuellar to express his critique of contemporary society, a hyper-connected society, but via an exacerbated individualism. Captura de pantalla 2016-04-21 a las 13.48.33 Captura de pantalla 2016-04-21 a las 13.48.43 Captura de pantalla 2016-04-21 a las 13.49.24                                                 The representation of figures and family groups anonymous, faceless, are represented in places frequented by a society that aspires to the well-being, a deeply rooted about Canons society in terms of amenities and values. The loss of the faces, the opening of the hollow, of emptiness, is what invites us to reflect on each scene, about the shortcomings of the domestic. Relatives areas, sometimes exposed as exemplary, were nothing more than the proof of the frustration of someone who was educated soulless or without a concrete truth. In other parts used disturbing Mickeys birds, hanging on cables or swings, spectators of modern demolition or threat itself (referring to Hitchcock Birds). At other times these figures Mickeys are used as an icon of universal citizen that pervades everything, as a tourist in his own world. There are also paintings without figures, where suburbial is anywhere and very similar to each other, either an American or Japanese street; everything has an increasingly similar, more uniform air. Captura de pantalla 2016-04-21 a las 13.49.07                           Cuéllar, one of the Spanish artists with more projection since the early 90's. Heir pop aesthetic Valencia, keeps in his works a delicate and meticulous technique, where spot colors have evolved into a very subtle tonal richness. Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Valencia, his work is distributed in prestigious museums and collections, such as the Artium Museum of Alava, the IVAM, the Municipal Museum of Madrid, Club Diario Levante, the Cañada Blanch of Valencia Foundation and the Foundation Coca-Cola among others. He has worked in the magazine "Worlds" and "La Naval" and has received major grants as Alfons Roig of the Provincial Council of Valencia, the Academy of Fine Arts of Spain in Rome and Fortuny Venice scholarship. The artist exhibits at the national and international scene (USA, Italy) and usually in fairs such as Art Santander. Lisbon and Scope Art N.Y.   Captura de pantalla 2016-04-21 a las 13.48.56

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