Exposición de José Carlos Casado en Nueva York
"José Carlos Casado’s sculpture is inspired by the artist’s expedition to the archipelago of Svalbard in the Arctic Circle. While there, he witnessed how the effects of extreme climate change have uncovered new routes for polar exploration, leading to conflicts over natural resources fueled by the economic drive to transform nature into consumable goods. Casado relates the violent acts needed to extract minerals from the land to terrorism against human bodies, and creates brightly hued metal skins, each a unique texture created through a 3D digital investigation of human flesh. The sculpture simultaneously represents precious stones and parts of the body, linking the exploration and exploitation of natural resources with human brutality. Casado exposes uncomfortable realities about how violence and terrorism enable the creation of what we trade in exchange for things we want, whether that is luxury and beauty or political power." —   Text by Rebecca Guber    

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