Cecilia Costa in Baginski Gallery
The exhibition "Albedo" by Cecília Costa presents previously unpublished works of photography, developing aspects previously present in hes work, such as the exploration of symmetries, gravity and balance. Since our physical condition of three-dimensionality is oriented by the tensions of opposites (which were intended to be complementary) right / left, up / down, forward / back and consequent internal / external tension, it is the alternation between weight suspension, forward and retreat and the aforementioned symmetry, which subverts the expectation of correspondence with the reality that is derived from photographic support. The images present unfinished or transient situations, in transit to something else, sometimes simulacrum, defined by their contingent situation and not by the promise of a moment of full realization. Both in the images of rough construction sites and in the organic / natural slope of clouds that seem to develop vertically downwards, like stalactites, these are cases of developing materials, which undergo different configurations. They are possibilities, passages, splits, as is one of the phases of the alchemical work which, having given its name to the coefficient that measures the reflection of light on the part of matter, also lends it to the title of this exhibition. And matter wants to invade by light.

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