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04.02.2016 > 22.05.2016 en el CIRCULO DE BELLAS ARTES> SALA GOYA

Anton Lamazares (Lalin, Galicia, 1954) shows the result of the constant evolution of a nomadic and self taught soul. A wandering life that has taken him to live in Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona or New York and why it has been able to meet key contemporary culture figures such as Antoni Tàpies, Joan Miró, Carlos Oroza, Juana Mordo, Laxeiro, Alfonso Fraile, Alvaro Cunqueiro and so on. Since its formation, the exchange between painting and poetry is a constant throughout his work. The result of this coexistence, in 2013 is presented for the first time at the Casa del Soldado, Panama Cultural Center, the exhibition Alphabet Dolphin, its new series where the pictorial and poetic overlap through an invented alphabet. Using cardboard surfaces of an almost monochromatic intensity, the painter has written litanies in a system based on twenty-seven letters of the Western alphabet. Lamazares plays with the Latin script, Greek and his own to "conquer a poetic space of mystery and beauty", to "broaden the aesthetic and pictorial message." The catalog of the exhibition includes seventy-five works of this new and magical alphabet as well as texts by Francisco Calvo Serraller, Gustavo Martin Garzo and Juan Carlos Mestre, offering us a few touches to better understand the soul and originality of Anton Lamazares.

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