PROMOTING SAVING ARS FUNDUM'S objective is to provide a financial plan for participating artists, creating a savings method for their future, enabling them to have a retirement pension by contributing their work, rather than contributing money.

DIVERSIFYING THE RISK By participating in this group, each artist minimises the risks that affects a unique professional career, sharing their work with the rest of companions in the program. Each artist avoids being solely dependent on his/her own success, failure, and fluctuation in market value.

SPONSORING THE ARTISTS Artists gain reputation being selected by a prestigious Expert Committee. Also being part of this exclusive group represents the best exponent of Iberian Contemporary Art. Membership in ARS FUNDUM gives the artist great visibility and exposure, thanks to the numerous promotional activities ARS FUNDUM MANAGEMENT will undertake, such as individual and group exhibitions in private and public institutions, or by selling works to institutional museums, corporations, foundations and art collectors.

CONTRIBUTION RETURN The managing team will not sell works during the early years, in order to maximise their return on investment, as values increase. Different evolution of each artist will dictate the best possible time to sell their work. Once the work has been sold, the net proceeds obtained will be deposited in each artist account, which will reinvest the amounts in fixed income with conservative criteria and maximum guarantee, until the final liquidation of assets at the end of the 20 year period.